Signature Mobile Apps

Eclipse Home, Eclipse Smart Home

• Remotely control smarthome cameras, alarm, and appliances from anywhere

• Add and control multiple devices at once with one App

• Voice control via Google Home and Amazon Echo

• Interworking of multiple smart devices. Devices automatically start/stop working based on temperature, location and time.

• Easily share devices among family members

• Receive real-time alerts to ensure safety

Eclipse Signature Software

Download Eclipse Home from Apple store or Android Store below.

Device Setup Instructions

Download the Eclipse Home App

  • On your mobile device, go to the App Store (for iOS devices) or the Play Store (for Android devices)
  • Search for “Eclipse Home”
  • Download and install the Eclipse Home app on your mobile device

Create or Log in to Your Account

If this is your first Eclipse Home product, you will be asked to set up an account.

To set up an account:

  • Open the Eclipse Home app.
  • Select “Register.”
  • Follow the in-app instructions to create a new account.

If you already have another Eclipse Home device installed, simply open the Eclipse Home app.

Use your email or phone number to register a new account with us. Choose the country code that corresponds to your location.

You will receive an email or text message with a code to verify your account.

Click on the + Sign to Add a New Device

Tap the + Sign on the top right hand corner, then select Security Camera.

Power on the Door Bell Camera and make sure the door bell button is flashing then click on next step.

Confirm or add your home Wi-Fi network and enter the password for your home Wi-Fi network and select confirm.

The application will now prepare a unique QR code to pair the device with your phone. Click continue to view the QR code and place the QR code in view of the camera.

The camera will beep to confirm it has seen the QR code. Press I Heard a Prompt button when you hear the beep from the camera.

The app will then program the camera Wi-Fi settings and marry the two devices to your account.

Give your camera a simple name that you can latter reference and add it to a room group. Press Done when complete.

The camera will now show a live stream and you are ready to use the camera and app.